Dr. V. K. Rattan

GNA University has been designed with the sole purpose of bringing innovative thinking in re-structuring higher education. The University aims to nurture value based leaders who have knowledge and skills to create success in their organizations. The University seeks to improve the quality of life through eclectic blend of science, technology and humanities for innovative solutions to real life problems. The university is engaged in imparting, creating, preserving and propagating knowledge in the global context.

Our academic curriculum is designed to meet industry expectations. Accordingly, we have established collaborative partnerships with industry, government, and other research institutions. Our focus is to help the students in achieving optimum growth in their lives. Students are encouraged to think innovatively and brainstorm ideas to perform the assigned tasks. This makes them not only good in academics but also successful professionals and entrepreneurs. Throughout their stay at GNA University, they are inspired to become ethical and responsible civilians.

About Us

GNA University – Developing your potential is integral part of our curriculum fostering the paradigms of multiple intelligence, the top private University in north India.