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What are the most helpful tips to study better?As a student, everyone wants to have an effective study time. Also, it is wide prevalent that only when a brain works better, it learns better. Furthermore, the cramming is now a thing of the past, a planned study time impacts productivity as well as learning.

The surrounding environment, healthy food, right time and much more make a substantial difference in the study routine.There are SIX must-do things you need to follow to have meaningful study experience:•Sleep is mandatory as it factually supports your brain to retain information into long-term memory. Thus, you can re-call it at time for a test or an exam. Slow wave sleep usually happens during the first-half of the night, if you miss this time, you tend to negatively affect your memory.
•Another important point is to walk. It helps in improving concentration. You can further complement it with a two-minute nap. Yes, the combination of nap and walk increases the power to focus and absorption.
•Time plays a vital role while learning. As per some research, 3PM to 5PM is reckoned as the best time when you’re studying the facts.
•If you’re learning skills the optimal time is between 6PM to 8 PM. It is an ideal time to process your skill memory.
•Ditch any sort of clutter around while you sit to study. It not only distracts you, but brings the negative vibe too. No, you don’t need to clean the entire house, though, just organize the space where you’re reading.
•Check the level of noise buzzing around you. It will assist you concentrate better and properly to study in a quiet place.

Always remember that going to school or college is a way to reach your goal, but to become the most effective learner is your own challenge.  GNA University is the best private university of North India. It engenders its students with an all-around development program besides effective academic curriculum.

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