Digital marketing – A New Trend

Digital marketing is unquestionably a new trend in modern times and has taken over the marketing industry. Why should marketing remain analogue in today's world where everything is digital? In order to get consumers' attention, businesses today compete for the top Google search rankings, run ads on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and present customised advertisements to website visitors.

The practise of making the people aware of your product on digital platforms like mobile, tabs etc. through different websites & social medias like facebook, instagram, youtube . In short, Digital marketing is the use of digital media for market products. There are multiple websites like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart etc where people can easily shop. This is applicable to every goods in the market, including groceries, apparel, prescription drugs, and technical tools, and it is also advantageous for those who don't want to leave their homes to shop.


Product marketing is one of the most crucial activities a company or entrepreneur will ever complete. You may communicate with your customers and keep them interested in your brand, product, or service through marketing, which will also help you attract more customers. Effective marketing, which is the key to any brand's success, is the only method to ensure that the company experiences consistent growth in the near future.

Digital marketing after 12th   helps you to analyse what worked where, for who, and how much and moreover, to promote products, services, ideas and information at the same time. You can easily evaluate as well what worked where, for whom, and to what extent. In this way, Digital Marketing makes easy way out so that the businesses can target a more specific audience. Although Traditional marketing currently exists, and will gradually fade away over the next few decades.

Here, below mentioned are the benefits of Digital marketing that is being benefitted to a specific company or organization:

·   Affordability: Let’s suppose, if a business or organisation invests in marketing and advertising a good or service, they won't use traditional media like newspapers, television, and radio as much as they would use digital media. At lower Prices, wider audience can be captured. And not just any audience, a very targeted audience that helps in increase that sales.

·  Promotion: Digital Marketing can majorly benefit the promotion of any business. Be it service provision, application development or anything practically that can be sold. Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing provides more benefit.

·  Return on Investment: Digital Marketing has the ability as well as potential to provide return on investments. As mentioned in the point above, this form of marketing is cost- affective and enables you to reach a larger, more targeted audience. The return on investment form this type of marketing is considerably larger in the traditional advertising.

·  Tracking and Measuring Gains: Due to analytical tools and very clear data is available, it is easy to determine or what cause success and what did not. This is almost immediate and helps companies and strategies that do not work almost immediately.

Advertising or other forms of promotion are frequently used in digital marketing. These days, product promotion extends beyond traditional advertising. A large number of celebrities or other influencers who promote products play a crucial role in helping seller’s market their products.

The majority of marketing abstain from digital marketing which analysis the enormous potential of the internet. People could only learn about available goods and services, as well as where to order them, through internet marketing. Everyone who wanted to keep their business operating had to take a crash course in digital marketing and dive straight in if they wanted to survive, including food delivery businesses, hospitals, vaccine programmes, support centres, and everyone else.

Digital marketing has a very bright career path focuses on a few specific delivery channels, similar to physical and online advertising and marketing simultaneously to name a few are

·  Search Engines

·  Social Media Networks

·  E-mail Marketing

·  Online Adds or Blogs

·  Webpages

With the gradual increasing in the usage of internet, people started delivering meaningful content and advertising their brands which is truly a critical job now days and that job was done by digital marketing team.


As already mentioned, today we live in a technologically advanced world where anything is possible through the internet. Digital marketing functions and is possible only because of the internet and nothing else. It is the core of what digital marketing is keeping in mind the importance of digital marketing and online advertising GNA University offers the under-graduate program in Digital Marketing and Diploma in Digital Marketing where students are equipped with the all key terms of the Digital marketing and can be a Digital Marketing Specialist.


Digital marketing is the newest player in advertising and internet marketing, much like how advertising first appeared on radio and television a few years ago. Digital marketing experts and students can benefit from this enormous untapped market of businesses who have not yet made the switch to selling their products online. This makes it an extremely significant career choice for everyone, along with the growing demand for marketing experts around the world.

Our society's issues with scarcity and rising costs can be solved through digital marketing. Anyone, anywhere in the globe, can easily access the internet. It is no longer restricted to a specific socioeconomic class. It's easier to communicate with people even if you've never met them in person.

At this time, digital marketing is advantageous for organisations.

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