Benefits of Pursuing Civil Engineering

You’re probably a great student who has a lot of potentials. However, choosing the right course that sets the right career path is a big decision—and sometimes it can be overwhelming!  In this blog we will talk about: What is Civil Engineering and benefits of Pursuing it?

Civil Engineering is mainly concerned with design, plan, create and rehabilite infrastructural system including power generation facilities, water supply networks, roads, bridges, dams, flood protection, pollution control works and many more. 

The curriculum of B. Tech Civil Engineering is a blend of academic necessities and industry requirements as it is designed by the experts from industry and academia. Studying Civil engineering course at GNA University will give you the following benefits in the long run. Here are few of the benefits to start with.

A Chance to Preserve History:  A civil engineer works intimately with a city’s landmarks and other ancient monuments that are part of the city’s heritage. Civil engineers use their skills to protect the invaluable architecture that India has been home to since many centuries and closely work with the Archaeological Survey of India.

Planning and Executing structures: in case you’re constantly captivated about planning and executing the plans for magnificent buildings, pursuing civil engineering is certainly the correct decision for you. A civil engineer is thoroughly engaged with arranging, planning, and building frameworks and structures for an association or various rural and urban communities.

Academic Excellence – B. Tech Civil Engineering provides the required basic concepts of this field along with the specialized training in subjects like Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic, Building Material & Construction, Engineering surveying, Structural Analysis and many more.

Fully equipped Labs Civil Labs at GNA University are fully equipped with all the latest equipment and tools  like Soil testing tool, Building strength measurement tools  which helps the students to work  and being used in the industry, thus, enhancing their technical skills.

Extra-curricular – We care not only in the development of academic career of the student but also in its overall development, for this, we keep organizing numerous sports activities and encourage them to take part in inter-university technical and cultural festivals.

Life skill courses - Life skill courses prepare our students to take the right decisions, solve the problem logically, take care of their relationships and cope with the adverse situations. As a result, this teaching along with the academic teaching develops strong personal and inter-personal skills in a student.

Industrial Visits - Helps the student to understand the latest trends and demand of the industry. 
On-site training– During the duration of the course students are made to undergo on-site training which gives them the exposure towards work culture in the industry. 

Best placements - Getting into a dream company is what every student desire. Our placement cell works right in this direction to help you get into the company you aim for.

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