Career Opportunities of Journalism in Punjab

One of the most popular areas of study nowadays is Mass communication, and individuals typically pick a profession that will benefit them in the future. Media & Journalism offers a wide range of opportunities, including becoming a journalist, writer and editor. In an industry where integrity is Key, news organizations need individuals who have strong ethics and will follow any rules set by their organization. On top of these qualities journalism also provides you with options such as working in Social media marketing through different outlets and websites.

Journalism has been a respectful profession not just a game of mud splashing and money making in no time, it was a source of information for the people belonging to that nation. It should be so today as well as tomorrow. What is journalism in real? Is it just the challenge of satisfying the space or it is a discipline of assembling, authenticating, covering and analyzing information drawn together regarding current events, including development, problems and people?

Why should you study journalism and mass communication?

Shaping your career in Journalism and Mass Communication after 12th from best university offers various opportunities for those who can stand out from the crowd. Journalism & Mass Communication is the way for those astute about the various socio-economic and political changes and can communicate them effectively. Studying journalism and mass communication will provide you with opportunities for a rewarding career.

 You can also create a wide network which can provide you with ample prospects. The more you know people, the wider your network and varied your opportunities. Social prestige, travel and gaining new experiences, social networking, glamour, creativity, skills, and freelancing are the perks of this field.

If presentation, communication, or writing is something you enjoy, then making your career in the mass communication industry by joining the Best journalism university in Punjab is the right choice. You can have a flourishing career and multiple career options to choose from.


After obtaining a degree in journalism or mass communication, becoming a journalist is the career path that is most well-known. One of the course's key focuses is journalism, is that it equips students with all the skills and knowledge they need to accurately and responsibly inform the public. You also have an option to choose in which field you want to work like politics, current affairs, social economy, entertainment, etc.

Film & Television

For those who have the ability to captivate audiences via films, a career in television is the ideal fit. You can enter the media world and learn about numerous subjects. Experts with this degree can also fit the profiles of scriptwriters, video editors, 3D animators, illustrators, graphic designers, and many others. The television industry and film industry don’t have a big difference but still the both industries operate are different.

Radio Jockey 

Another employment choice for those studying mass communication is radio jockey, if you have a pleasant voice, enjoy speaking.

Radio stations also seek talented individuals with a strong work ethic and a bachelor's degree in journalism or mass communication from India's top university.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing is a necessity for all industries. From top MNCs to small businesses and from the entertainment industry to the corporate world; marketing has become an inseparable part of the business.

The best media colleges in India provide students a wide range of skills to make the learners able to grab the job opportunities due to the growing demand for effective and compelling marketing strategies. You can choose to make your career depending on your interest in graphic designing, digital marketing, traditional marketing, newspaper marketing, content writing, etc.

Public relations (PR)

If you like challenging roles, a PR manager can be a great career option to choose from after your studies at the best journalism college in India. A PR manager is responsible for handling activities to maintain a positive brand reputation for a company or individual. From corporate companies to celebrities need a PR manager and it has vast career opportunities to offer.

Event management

Event management is considered to be the successful career option after the journalism & mass Communication Course. 
GNA University offers courses to sharpen management skills and creativity to give wings to students that are interested in becoming successful event managers.

The world is changing rapidly, and so are the media technologies. The media has the power to change public perception in seconds. Earlier, the information about recent developments was accessible only through radio, newspapers and televisions, but now you can get knowledge about anything within seconds on various media. 

Organizations are looking forward to BJMC graduates with more creative ideas so that they can collectively create some new content with their skills. Make a promising and evergreen career by selecting the right career path.

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