Popular Career Scopes after B.Sc Chemistry

After completing the B.Sc chemistry course from GNA University, students have tremendous opportunities in various fields like research, Industry, education and various positions in government agencies or laboratories. Some of them are mentioned below:

Junior Research Associate: -Their main purpose is to compile essential information while being aware of the research's techniques and objectives.

Environmental and safety Specialist:Planning, executing, and enforcing environmental issues, health and safety, policy, and procedures are their responsibilities.

Pharmaceutical Sales Executive:As Pharmaceutical sales representatives, it’s their primary responsibility to inform clinicians about the benefit of dosing patients with their company’s product. They frequently talk to health care professionals about the drug’s chemist,uses, their side effects.

Specialist in Scientific Data Entry:Basically, they are involved in assisting with recruitment, data collection, data entry, report writing and preparing manuscripts.

Chemical Analyst:It includes standard operating procedures to conduct both routine and non-routine chemical analyses of items and to conduct tests, safely and effectively operate the lab's equipment.

Patent analyst: Patent analyst is regarded as the best career scope after choosing the B.ScChemistry Course. The main task Patent analyst perform is the ability to read, comprehend and analyze technical document papers and publications. 

Scientific Assistant/ Technician: You play a crucial part in scientific research projects like satellite launches, interplanetary missions, and the creation of new space technology as a scientific assistant or technician.

Analytical Chemist: -Analytical chemists are trained chemists who analyze various organic and inorganic substances to ascertain their chemical composition.

Chemical Technicians: -Chemistry technicians support chemists and chemical engineers by performing routine tests and experiments.

Chemistry Teacher: -A qualified individual teaches about the chemical composition of matter in schools and universities as a chemistry teacher.

Quality Control Chemists: -Quality control chemists aim to test products and examine the results. Moreover, they specialize in guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of the products we use.

Lab Assistant: -Lab Assistants majorly work and help in laboratories with various tests by taking the appropriate action.

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