Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is the specialized branch in aviation industry. Aerospace engineers design, develop, and test aircraft, missiles, and space vehicles and oversee their production. They often specialize in one kind of vehicle, such as passenger planes, helicopters, or rockets. Aerospace Engineers don’t just work for the aviation industry, but also in Defence sector like Air Force. They apply scientific and technological principles to research, design, construct, and test the performance of the civil and military weapons, aircraft and missiles. Maintenance of the same also comes under their job profile.

At GNA University, boost your career by doing B.Tech in Aerospace engineering, which is having 70 + years legacy of GNA group and the only GNA Aviation wing available in universities across North India. GNA University is privileged to have one of Tumansky Engines R-25 in Aerospace Lab. The Tumansky R-25 was designed as a replacement for Tumansky R-13 in MiG-21 fighters. Apart from R25 Engine, students are also given training in GNA’s own Aviation wing. In Aviation wing, there is India’s first Maule M-7 aircraft also known as “super –rocket”. Detailed knowledge of material, parts and use of hand tools, simple machine tools and precision measuring instruments, aircraft systems, aircraft instruments and equipment, maintenance schedules is imparted to students which enhance further skills of Aerospace students. Wind tunnel is most important for conducting experiments for aerospace engineers. GNA has subsonic wind tunnel where students are imparted knowledge about basics of aerodynamics. Also GNA has aerospace structures lab, system and instrumentation lab and propulsion lab apart from aerodynamics lab. Regular practical workshops are conducted for Aerospace students in coordination with Aerotrix, IIT Kanpur. Workshops like RC design, Ornithopter, Quadcopter workshops were conducted to name a few.

Industrial visits are regularly arranged for students of aerospace engineering.  Recently students visited Vikram Sarabhai Space Museum cum Rocket Launching Station and the students also saw RH-200 sound rocket launching, the rockets in the series of Rohini are designated with the letters RH, followed by a number corresponding to the diameter (in millimetres) of the rocket, which is launched from the Thumba Equitorial Rocket Launching Station (TERLS) in Thumba, Kerala. GNA University follows NPTEL project, recommended by MHRD, India. Syllabus is synchronised with NPTEL and then students are imparted knowledge and encouraged to give certification exam courses, now that GNA is local chapter of NPTEL.

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