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To enhance the learning ability of the students, they get classes and updates on daily happenings not from their regular faculty members but from the achievers from the industry.

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Guest Visitors

Students learn the industry problems and solutions, especially when they are addressed by industry personalities. The guest speakers on campus enhances the educational experience of the students. Moreover, it is a great way for the students to get maximum exposure from the industry, learn from the experience of the professionals who talk about their real-life experiences which is not there in the textbooks. These speakers also influence students and sometimes be their role models. Students get the opportunity to start the creation of their professional network during their stay at University. These guest speakers guide the students for their career path, give them the access to industry projects and make them understand the need of the industry. Students become more confident to ask questions, investigate and apply newly found knowledge. Their interaction with the students is the start of their natural conversations that goes beyond their classroom. These speakers always offer different perspective to the students. Hearing professional from industry and other academic institutions provide students not only with different points-of-view, but also with potential resources that they can apply in later courses. Bringing in speakers with proven expertise provides added credibility to the students. GNA University has invited so many distinguished speakers from time to time to enlighten the learning path to the students.

Visiting GNA University for the 3rd time gave me immense pleasure. Every time I come here the university gets better & better. I am convinced and persuaded that this is the best private university in India. The caliber and competency of faculties is at par with future requirements.

Dr. Deepak Vohra
Special Adviser, Prime Minister of Lesotho and Guinea Bissau, Govt. Of India

Mr. Harjinder Singh Cheema
Managing Director, Cheema Boilers Limited

My purpose of coming to GNA University was to apprise students on not to seek jobs, but to create jobs for themselves, and I was surprised to see the enthusiasm and zeal of the students here. They are already learning in a practical environment, and I was happy to deliver industry - insights to them.

I found this University well equipped with facilities required for engineering graduation. Staff is good & skilled. Good ambience & Infrastructure. Cleanliness is excellent in the campus.

Mr. Kishor Sankhe
Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

Mr. Suneel Keswani
International Corporate Trainer

My experience at GNA University is amazing. I should say that there is something very catchy and captivating which brings me again & again in this forum.

I feel great to have an opportunity of interacting with the young students of GNA University. My message is to switch on so that you can think.Life would be challenging but the whole idea is ypu should become better. I have two thoughts in my life- The harder i work, the easier life becomes. Easier i work, harder life becomes.My motive in life is to work hard.

Mr. Vijay Batra
International Motivational Speaker

Mr. Stefan Helf
Sr. Vice President, PTC University USA

GNA University has been a long standing partner with PTC University, and Initiatives that are taken by management are commendable. They are committed towards providing World-Class knowledge and Opportunities.

I felt like coming back home, when I visited GNA University for 2nd time for ICOHOST – 2019. It was very comfortable and nostalgic experience to interact with such brilliant students. This is a very upkept campus, and the topic chosen for conference was very interesting, Advancements in Hospitality Industry.

Chef Manjit Gill
President, Indian Federation of Culinary Associations

Chef Sudhir Sibal

Congratulations! Such a vibrant university campus. Students are very passionate & well disciplined.

I was more impressed with the students I met and the classroom.They seem to be very polite & anxious. It seems like GNA has a mission to make a difference in this community and they are on a way to achieve that mission.

Ibrahim Helou
Dean, Wichita State University, USA

Major General Sanjiv Bajaj
Major General

It was a wonderful experience visiting GNA University. I feel honored that GNA invited me as chief guest.I was very impressed by the faculties available and by the dedication of the faculty and also the enthusiatic participation by the students. All the participants have good & thrilling performance. I was also very impressed by the way faculty conduct the event. Overall conduct of the event was of very high quality.

I heard the name of this university from my collegues and heard very high things about this.It is having very nice campus. The best thing about this university is that they have very practical study lifes which give good careers to students. I also got opportunity to interact with all electronics & telecommunication students.They are very smart, energetic and ask good questions.I wish them all the best & wish all will have great success. I am sure that this university will set great great examples.

Mr. Arvind Bali
CEO Videocon Telecom

Ms. Natwalai Niankhaw
CEO and CO-Founder Smart Travel, Thailand

It is my pleasure being the part of this wonderful initiative of GNA University.Looking forward to have many more such interactions.

It is a wonderful experience in visiting this university campus.Cheers!

Ms. Seema Trehan
Area Manager and Sommelier, Sula Vineyard

Mr. Alok Mam
Sr. Vice President, TAFE motors and Tractors Ltd.

Being an Engineer, I can see that the courses here at GNA University, are the courses of Future. All the programs here are aligned with the Industry requirement and bridge the gap. I can see the projects which students are performing here in classrooms, is at par with our Industry experts.

It was a pleasure to visit GNA University on the special day of Convocation. I could see a lot of confidence on the faces of students. The way university environment has groomed the talents & personalities of students is appreciable.

Mr. A. S. Mittal
Vice Chairman, Sonalika Group