Expert Talk by Ex Scientist "G" from National Aerospace Laboratories

Faculty of Engineering, Design and Automation at GNA University organized 2 days expert talk by the Ex Scientist "G" Dr. R .M .V Gopala Krishna Rao, Ph.D. (IISc.) from National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore. The talk was attended by the students Aerospace/Mechanical/Mechanical and Automation streams. The keen students learned the basic concepts of Composites in aerospace industry.

He enlightened the students about the importance of composites used in various modern industries today. The aerospace market is one of the largest and arguably the most important to the composites industry. Commercial aircraft, military craft, helicopters, business jets, general aviation aircraft and space craft all make substantial use of composites, both inside and outside. Composite materials are widely used in the Aircraft Industry and have allowed engineers to overcome obstacles that have been met when using the materials individually. The constituent materials retain their identities in the composites and do not dissolve or otherwise merge completely into each other. Together, the materials create a 'hybrid' material that has improved structural properties.
Dr.Rao shared his vital experiences regarding composites and made the audience aware about the current research work in this exciting field.
S.Gurdeep Sihra, Pro Chancellor, GNA University encouraged by saying, “Conducting these types of guest lectures on regular basis help the students bridge the gap between the academia and industrial requirements.
Dr. V.K. Rattan, Vice Chancellor, GNA University said, "These types of expert talks not only inculcate problem solving skills in the students but also help them learn the value of teamwork."

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