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GNA University Faculty of Design and Innovation conducted an expert talk on Shaping Career CAD/CAM/CAE in automotive manufacturing by Mr. Sandeep Chugh Director CAx Systems India Pvt. Ltd. He discussed about the practical aspects of Computer Aided Drafting/Computer Aided Manufacturing and Computer Aided Engineering technology.
Also emphasizing on the need of designing software in the today manufacturing industry. One of the most important aspects of CAD / CAE /CAM is the reduced design iteration process, and documentation that helps the future versions or even other, similar products. And both types of software provide file output in various formats.As CAD / CAE / CAM software provides more and more sophistication, the complexity of options it provided become myriad. Specialized training is required to really understand and utilize the complete potential of such CAD / CAE software. GNA University provided these training too many students and surprised by the Students query on these technology. He provided students a key Mantra for their upcoming interviews.

He appreciated the vision of the S.Gurdeep Singh Sihra (CEO GNA Gears_ and MR. C.R. Tripathy Dean Facutly of Design and Innovation for the efforts made to make CAD/CAM/CAE technologies for the students on their door steps.

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