Aero Seminar

On October 12,2019, students of Aerospace Engineering had a guest lecture by 'Wing Commander (Dr.) Arvind Kumar Vig and Mr. Ranjit Chauhan.' The topic was "Advancement in aviation from Spanish Armada to Space vehicle design via Bicycle shop".
The lecture began with history of battle of grave lines between Spain and Britain which marked the importance of study in fluid dynamics. The basic fluid dynamics topics were elaborated with examples. How fluid dynamics surrounds us in our daily life and how can we learn from practical examples. The lecture moved towards the first successful flight by wright brothers and developments in the aerospace industry.
The different body shapes were compared for their fluidic properties. The next part of the session was on the space vehicles and missiles including those of   V2 German rocket and other Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM's), Mercury Space capsule etc,. 
It was a very interactive session where students also learnt about various engines including Wartsila Marine Engine, Dart turboprop engine and Piezoelectric injection. 

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