Expert Session on Research Questionnaire Development @ GNA University

GNA Business School at GNA University organized an Expert Session on Research Questionnaire Development for the students of GNA Business School. The esteemed Resource person for the session was Dr. Rishi Raj Sharma, Professor of Marketing & Associate Dean, Guru Nanak Dev University Regional Campus, Gurdaspur. The main objective behind organizing this Session was to acquaint the students with the skills of creating and designing the questionnaire for the purpose of research.

The programme started with the welcoming of the esteemed resource person by Dr. Parveen Singh Kalsi & Dr. Rajinder Kaur, Assistant Professor, GNA Business School. The session was mainly based upon enhancing the questionnaire development skills of the students and the relevant scales they should be using.

Dr. Rishi Raj Sharma commenced the session by highlighting the basic purpose of designing a questionnaire and propounded its requirement in the research being conducted into real life situations. She then moved on to define the process of designing a questionnaire starting with the selection of questions with reference to the objectives of the study, the wording of the questions to be selected and the sequence in which it is to be included. Dr. Sharma then necessitated the need and objective as to how the questionnaire is going to fulfil the purpose of research.

The session concluded with the Vote of Thanks given by Dr. Sameer Verma, Dean, GNA Business School. The session ended on a knowledgeable note.

S. Gurdeep Singh Sihra, the Pro-Chancellor, GNA University expressed, “I appreciate the endeavours of the Department for organising such trending lectures for the faculty members and students of GBS.”

Dr. VK Rattan, the Vice-Chancellor, GNA University said, “The University is always ready to offer the best to our GUites in all the various upcoming spheres.”

Dr. Monika Hanspal, Dean Academics, GNA University said, “I am really happy to witness the active participation of the faculty and students in these Guest Lectures.”

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