Workshop on Industrial Automation 4.0 “PLC & SCADA” @ GNA University

Faculty of Engineering Design and Automation GNA University organized a 10 Workshop on Industrial Automation 4.0 “PLC & SCADA” for Students its Engineering students.

More than 75 students participated in this workshop. The Workshop was inaugurated by Dean, Faculty of Engineering Design and Automation Mr. CR Tripathi with the floral welcome of delegates from Wonder Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

The expert from the industry delivered the basic knowledge regarding programmable logic controller & explained its application in modern industries such as Manufacturing, food packaging, Petrochemical, Automobile industry and many more. He also elucidated the importance of PLC used in industry automation.

The students gained an updated insight regarding the automation process in modern industries. The expert further proceeded to explain and demonstrate how PLCs were programmed using application software on personal computers, which now represented logic in graphic form instead of character symbols. He provided an opportunity to students to perform various programmes based on PLC such as turbine rotation and elevator. This opportunity provided the students a practical exposure and knowledge regarding programmable logic controller. Then students run various programmes on hardware kits. The students also visit Wonder Systems Pvt. Ltd. Mohali.

S.  Gurdeep Sihra, CEO, GNA Gears Ltd. and the Pro-Chancellor, GNA University said, “The practical exposure is mandatory for the budding engineers. The same type of technologies is also been used at GNA Gears to control the overall working of the plants.”

The valedictory session was held on last day of the workshop. Dr. VK Rattan the Vice-Chancellor, GNA University, Dr. Monika Hanspal, Dean Academics & Delegates from Wonder system provided the participating certificates to all the students and awarded goodies to the best performers during the workshop.

Delegates from Wonder System India ltd. appreciated S. Gurdeep Singh Sihra’s efforts towards continuously providing latest technologies to the budding engineers which will help them in future to achieve their desired goals.

Dr. VK Rattan, the Vice-Chancellor interacted with students and encouraged them to take full advantage of such workshops. At the end Dr. Rattan thanked all the delegates from Wonder Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

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