Industrial visit to JMP Industry Jalandhar

Faculty of Design and Innovation organized Industrial visit for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering CAD/CAM to JMP Industry Jalandhar.
JMP Industries (JMPI) is a major casting solutions provider of a qualitative assortment of metal brackets, Assembly housing, Wheel hubs, Spring Shackles, etc. in India since year 1981.Students  visited different shops in the industry from initial to final dispatch including heating methodboth diesel furnace and induction heating, pattern making, green sand casting, low bake molding, sand cores making, cope and drag, pattern impression and metal pouring process.They got knowledge about overcoming the casting defects which occurs due to environmental conditions or by some other causes.

As students already have strong hold in Product and Industrial Design using PTC Creo, due to this knowledge it was easy for them to grab the concept of pattern making and mold making in Casting Industries.
Although this is conventional process of metal fabrication, but this kind of industrial exposure will boost their conceptual knowledge base and make them employable.

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