Industrial visit to Ralson India Ltd.

Faculty of Design and Innovation arranged industrial visit for the students of B.Tech Mechanical and Automation Engineering to Ralson India Ltd.It is one of the leading OEM manufacturers of Automotive, Bikes and Bicycle Tyres. The students learned about the various processes used in the tyre and tube manufacturing which include material mixing, curing, tube extrusion process and function of tyre wear indicator etc. They got awareness on major defects that occur during manufacturing process and reduction of those defects.

The students got exposure on tyre design preparation through CAD tools and the preparation of tyre molds through digital manufacturing process. As they already possess CAD modeling skill in PTC’s product CREO Parametric and Digital Manufacturing Techniques i.e. CAM, so it was easy for them to understand these process and the technology. This kind of knowledgeable industrial visits will play a vital role in the career building of budding engineers in the modern engineering era.

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