Industrial Visit of B.Com students to GNA Gears

An Industrial Visit was organized for B.Com-1 Sem of GNA Business School to GNA Gears, Mehtiana on 13th September 2018. Students reached the GNA Gears around 10.00am and left for the university at 12.00pm.
GNA is amongst the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive transmission components. GNA employs over 2500 people across 3 locations in Mehtiana. A GNA gear is reputed for its cutting edge technology, established quality processes and capabilities owned to a legacy of perseverance and forward looking attitude.
Mr. Pramatma pandey & Mr. Prakash Welcomes the students and gave the brief introduction about the industry. He took the students for a round in two groups. In first group he took 38 students & rests were taken in 2nd group.
They took the students into different sections such as Forging Sections, Dry cutting section, Heating Section, Quality Checking section etc. where they learn about different manufacturing processes and also learn how the raw material comes to the stage of finish product.
The students were given refreshment. The session ended with a group photograph and experience sharing.

At the end we conclude that this visit is very fruitful for the students where they learn about the working of industry & also they come to know about the challenges face by the workers while working in industries.

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