Industrial visit to BEBO TECHNOLOGIES

This event was organized by the Department of Faculty of Engineering and Technology for CSE & MCA students, which provided an entirely new exposure to the students. BEBO Technologies which stands for "Be Extension Be Offshore" is an IT solution company. The hospitality offered by the company was very overwhelming.
Benefits for Students :

It was a perk for the students to get an overview of how a company works and what it expects from the applicants. There were three sessions  In the first round, an extensive introduction about the company was given to the students to let them know about what technologies the company offered and the future scope followed by core technical session. An HR Session briefly explains that what skill set companies are looking in candidates apart from the technical session. This session was to tell the students how to crack into an interview and what skills are sought by the recruiters before hiring someone for a particular job. Students felt free and asked many questions that arose doubts in their mind and were given satisfying answers. The students were benefited in numerous ways, they got to know the real working environment and what further can be explored in their chosen line. It was a blissful experience for the students that left the motivated and more career options.

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