Advanced Training on “Pneumatic and Electro Pneumatic” at FESTO India Pvt. Ltd., Noida

Faculty of Design & Innovation attended one week advanced training on “Pneumatic and Electro Pneumatic” at FESTO India Pvt. Ltd., Noida

Students have already practical exposure on FluidSim and CEROS softwares for the fliud automation system’s simulation (which was an addition into their academic curriculum) so it was easy for them to grab the skills in advance training.

Students got hands on training on Automation Systems including understanding symbols for Power Supply System, use of cylinders & valves, Flow Control Methods and Troubleshooting the Pneumatic Systems. Elements in an Electro-Pneumatics, Solenoid actuated valves, Switches, Sensors, Relays & Contactors, Latching Circuit and their applications. They learned conversion of pneumatic signals into electrical signals.

Students also done practical exercises based on Industrial applications. This kind of advanced training program in robust technology will make the students skillful and boost their career to the new heights.

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