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Sri. Harsha
Faculty of Engineering, Design & Automation

As of now GU gave me so many things like courage and how to handle things at difficult times. I am very thankful for this and the career cell in GNA University plays an important role in encouraging students for placement and not only that they also give counselling from time to time. The university runs according to the industry norms like preparing students for certifications which is very good.

I am very happy to be a part of GNA University.

I am Kajal, pursuing B Com CIMA at GNA University, Punjab. They offer a culture which help students in not only building careers but also enhances distinctive competencies and skill sets that help students to grow in professional life.I was always determined to pursue an additional course along with my B.Com. So,I started exploring options. CIMA is all about understanding a concept and applying it on to solve a casestudy .It provides a glimpse of real finance world. We get in house faculties, CIMA specific faculty, and amazing industry networking that we do ourselves with help.The industry interaction, opportunities and curricular activities at GNA University help students to develop as a well rounded professional. Simple but relevant is what define my experience.

GNA Business School

Armanpreet Kaur
GNA Business School

GNA University offers a unique blend of learning and self-development. It not just provides us various platforms to showcase our abilities but also helps us to learn all the soft skills that are highly required. It provides career-focused education and motivates innovation at each step. In just one year of joining, I can see a remarkable development in my personality. I'm so glad that I opted for GNA University.

Along with this, I have also sent my picture for your reference.

Hello, I am Divya, A B.Com (H) student in second year. I take pride in being a student of GU. I am very happy with overall experiencein last 2 years be it my faculty, peers or career cell.

I took time to understand the basic needs to get on with a career in age of digital, but now being a commerce student , I am also a certified student in digital marketing, HR and well aware about industry trends on what is expected from a fresh graduate.

It's a must be place for a student who needs a lot of support and guidance for career development.

I have a great peer learning experience with very supportive faculty. Our career cell is always pushing our limits to be the best version of ourselves.

GNA Business School

Faculty of Engineering, Design and Automation

Well, back then it was a tough choice for me to be here but now I'm enjoying every bit of it being a part of GNA University. Career cell at GNA University encourages the talent and development of every individual's career. GNA University provides best learning environment which includes practical oriented training with unique placement prep module. It has helped me to develop my personality and confidence level as a result, now I'm a co-founder of cyber security club. A must to be at place for students who are self starters....

GNA University - my alma mater is what I am truly proud of. The University has not only taught me the necessary life skills but also made me well conversant with the latest techniques and changing trends in the current scenario.

Jaskaran Kaur
GNA Business School

Kirandeep Kaur
Faculty of Engineering, Design and Automation

Fantastic experience overall. I have really embraced university life here in GNA - I have taken part in many societies and clubs and have tried to take on positions of responsibility too. I keenly desire to continue my research here beyond the Graduation programme.

GNA University is a student friendly campus. Having lectures from trained faculties and supportive mentors really helped me gain a better understanding of the language and technical expertise in my complete degree programme.

Faculty of Computational Science

A.S. Themmarak
Faculty of Hospitality

The teachers at GNA were open to prepare classes according to the students' needs and interests. I feel more confident and fluent and the best thing was meeting students from the other countries and having the opportunity to practise my English with them.

GNA University is a student friendly campus. Having lectures from trained faculties and supportive mentors really helped me gain a better understanding of the language and technical expertise in my complete degree programme. I really like the placement process of our University. Everyone is really working hard for all the student. I was really lucky that I got placed in Wipro in my first attempt.

Faculty of Computational Science

Faculty of Animation and Multimedia

I am really indebted to be a part of the GNA University. This University is a campus with a real difference. The quality of teaching at the University was totally class apart, be it the teachers or the infrastructure; everything bespeaks.

GNA CAD/CAM Technologies helped me to know about latest technologies in the Engineering Design and solving pricing issues raised due to complex design of parts, during my job. All thanks to the excellent faculty members who were readily available to help in my doubts.

Tripathy Sir aligned my attitude towards learning, not only for earnings, till now I remember his words, “In starting of your job, you should have to work with learning attitude”.

Maninder Singh
Faculty of Engineering, Design and Automation

Anu Kumari
Faculty of Computational Sciences

I take pride in being a student of GNA University and now being an employee of a world renowned company INFOSYS. The latter wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the former.

Our university has provided us a very enhanced and efficient platform for the exposure to the training and placement.

I am very grateful to my department FCS(Faculty of Computation Science) for providing us the best of placement opportunities and finally I got placed in Infosys Ltd.,in Pune, second largest IT company of India.

During my stay of three years, I had received a lot of opportunities to groom myself, thanks to my ever inspiring mentors specially to Faculty of Computational Science, who helped me to discover the talented part of myself. They always provided me with the assistance that i required for my overall development and to improve my technical knowledge.

Thank you so much GNA university and my Teachers.

I’m Yashmeet Saini, working as an Assistant System Engineer in TCS, Mumbai. My experience throughout my journey at GNA University was a memorable one. What really shaped my career was the learning culture provided by my Teachers. I have learned a lot from faculty and peers as well. I’m still in regular contact with my teachers. Today I am placed in TCS and working in a Metropolitan city like Mumbai is a WOW experience. Learning in GU is not bound to the classrooms only, but is beyond classroom as well. I will miss my days spent in the university.

Thanks GNA.

Yashmeet Saini
Faculty of Computational Sciences

Ishwar Singh
Faculty of Engineering, Design and Automation

My career claimed new heights when I completed CAD/CAM program from GNA. The designing techniques and strategies I learnt there helped me in achieving my dreams. Now I am Head of Designing in Kamika International, Ludhiana, manufacturer and exporter of Scaffolding. Being a leader of 10 designers, I have completed many design tasks with my team using the knowledge which I have gained throughout the program. I am also handling the ISO department of the company. I have helped in clearing many ISO certification, internal audits and customer visits for the company.

All which I have acclaimed in my career is all because of GNA CAD/CAM Technologies.

First, huge thanks to GNA. As a student there, I learned and excel new skills. Not only supporting training faculty but the vibes there is filled with knowledge and discipline. I have done many projects and get supports when I need it. Once again thanks to GNA University for support during my training time

Hani Singh
Faculty of Engineering, Design and Automation

Dipika Makkar
Faculty of Computational Science

Hi, I’m Dipika Makkar. I have completed my Bachelors in Computer Applications in 2018. Right now I’m working with Tata Consultancy Services as a Software Developer in Chennai. Chennai is a beautiful city and I’m enjoying my stay here. I want to say Thank you to my university and Faculty of Computational Science who were supportive till the time I joined my job. My teachers helped me a lot to enhance my technical and interpersonal skills, which helped me to get placed in India’s number one IT service providing company.

Here I came as a school boy and now graduating as a corporate man. Here, I not only developed my academic skills but also got a global exposure in every field . At last I would like to thank all the faculty members for being supportive and helping me in taking off my career to a good start.

Navpreet Singh
Faculty of Computational Science

Gourav Kumar
Faculty of Engineering, Design and Automation

I am from that area of Punjab where Industrial awareness is very less. When I came to know about GNA CAD/CAM Technologies, I planned to join here. GNA has been a big promoter of quality technical education in the region. Working on this kind of technology brings drastic changes in my professional life. GNA provides me the platform to build my career. Huge thanks to GNA team.

I got placed in TCS it is because of the efforts put by our faculties and Placement cell, which always make sure that students get placed in the best company in the market. GNA University provides a great exposure to students by organizing different activities which are very much helpful for every student for deciding their future field.I thank my professors for their constant encouragement and support. During my BCA they challenged and pushed me to be better and creative in my projects because of which I now have enough confidence to tackle any problem.

Faculty of Computational Science

Faculty of Computational Science

I am very Thankful to the FCS Department as they are very much supportive, helpful and the Placement Cell which is also doing great job by arranging excellent placements of MNCs & good corporate exposure is given to students.

I am holding Diploma in Plastic Technology and began my career in Production as Shift Engineer. I worked on Extrusion, Roto Molding and Injection Molding. But always a special factor plays vital role in everyone’s life and GNA CAD/CAM Technologies was that. I completed CAD/CAM program from GNA and started again in Production and Development. Due to this I got chance to work with Wipro as an Engineer. I have been working as Production Head (Molding Dept.) in Fewa Electrical Corporation (Fine Switches).

Faculty of Engineering, Design and Automation

Sunayak Sohal
Faculty of Engineering, Design and Automation

I am thankful for the technological exposure I got during my training. GNA CAD/CAM Technologies edified me in every aspect and CAD/CAM faculty’s teaching has become a valuable asset of my life. Because of collective efforts by myself and teachers made me what I am, where I stand today. I recommend GNA to every engineer who is seeking career opportunities in Product Design/Manufacturing, Research & Development. Currently I am working as CAE Engineer in Sonalika International Tractor Limited. My association with GNA has given a big boost to my career. Thanks to GNA for providing me the platform to build my career.

GNA CAD/CAM Technologies helped me to achieve my career objective. I got knowledge on the industrial aspects along with mechanical designing and product manufacturing. Immeasurable support of experienced faculty helped me in crossing project hurdles. This knowledge has provided a well-defined path to my career. Most of the credits go to this technology which helped me a lot. This technology is must to learn for an engineer willing to achieve new heights in career. May this knowledge exchange continuously fulfill aspirants’ career goal. I am very thankful to GNA group.

Surinder Singh
Faculty of Engineering, Design and Automation

Parmod Chaudhary
Faculty of Engineering, Design and Automation

Studying at GNA was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have grown more confidence in my abilities and in my knowledge because of the CAD/CAM Technologies. It has helped me to expand my mind both inside and outside of the classroom. Not only that, but the faculty is truly phenomenal. I have never met a group of people more dedicated to student’s success.

I want to thank GNA faculty especially Tripathy Sir and Neeraj Sir. You taught me the immeasurable ideas of design along with the indispensable necessity of having fun while learning. GNA is the harbinger of my success and I wish all the success to GNA University.

After completing CAD/CAM program from GNA CAD/CAM Technologies, a whole new world of opportunities opened for me, the course was well in sync with industrial standards and modern techniques of CAD, CAM and Rapid Prototyping. It is a need of time for every design engineer to be aware about these modern technologies and techniques.

Harminder Singh
Faculty of Engineering, Design and Automation

Faculty of Computational Science

Throughout my 3 years of Graduation at 'GNA University', I had countlessopportunities to develop analytical skills, leadership and proactive thinking through various programs and events. These attributes were the key reasons because of which I was successfully placed at ' Gratis Soft Solutions’, with a good package. Big thanks to all my faculty members and friends for this amazing journey at GNA. My sincere appreciation & gratitude to the FCS Department for their support and encouragement, this would not be possible withoutthem.

GNA-IMT (now GNA University) has some of the finest teachers and professors that I had the honor of learning from during 5 academic years there. Combined with life long friendship I have built with fellow students, my time at GNA will always be a very memorable time in my life.

I would like to send my appreciation and congratulations to teachers, management and all support staff for making GNA a very successful university. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to study and gained the knowledge that I will use for the rest of my life.

Haneet Kailey
GNA Business School

Karan Narang
Faculty of Computational Science

As there’s always a Doers and Fears in life, I experienced both as like normal student when I joined GNA Campus in 2008 batch of BCA , I always have the vision that “No matter what university you are in , it only matters how your Teachers Teach and Support you if you really want to be a successful” and i got that chance in GNA campus, Yes the Chance , which everybody waits in their life, “ Who take that , no matter fail or pass , what matters is ,what you learn “ and I learnt with many failures but with Teachers Support.