B.Tech - Mechanical & Automation Engineering

B.Tech - Mechanical & Automation Engineering focuses on the mechanical angles and cutting edge practices of design, configuration, plan and their application.

B.Tech - Mechanical & Automation Engineering

Focus of B.Tech in Mechanical and Automation Engineering is mainly on designing and manufacturing of product and machines. This program offers the study of Solid Mechanics, Mechanisms, Concepts of Engineering Design as well as practical learning on Advanced Manufacturing Systems, Additive Manufacturing, Reverse Engineering, Automated Manufacturing Systems, Jigs Fixture & Tool Design, and Design with Materials, Failure Analysis and Finite Element Analysis. It trains applicants in the outline, advancement and recreation.

Use of advanced CAD/CAM/CAE Systems, latest Manufacturing Simulation Systems, RPT Technology, Automated Machines, Control Systems and Information Technologies helps the students to grab the knowledge on robust technology at the early stage of their learning.

It is an innovative program that focuses on the advanced technologies while keeping a strong relation with the primitive techniques for the students to be readily employable.

With a keen emphasis upon Mechanical and Automation Engineering, the students will be learning about the lean manufacturing techniques and the automation-based manufacturing techniques that have gradually become an integral part of all modern industries. Thus for the students, it will open a world of opportunities to enhance their careers and will made them skilful.

For the software and automation solution GNA University is associated with Autodesk ARC, Dassault Systemes France, PTC Inc. USA, Siemens PLM, FESTO, Stratasys USA and many more.

Program Outcome

Graduates from this field are mainly employed in manufacturing firms and work as plant engineers, process design engineers, researcher, executive engineers and many more. They can seek employment in private or public sector industries of various types. They can also find job in government departments such as CPWD, Defence, R&D and PWD. Other sectors such as electronics, chemical, power plants, steel plants, agricultural, space research institutes, automobile and aeronautical as well as the railways, need Mechanical and Automation Engineers to design and maintain their machinery.

In agricultural division, Mechanical and Automation Engineers play a major role by designing innovative and improved agricultural implements.

There are a lots of career opportunities in this field for young aspirants in India as well as in foreign countries. Graduates from this field are mainly employed in manufacturing firms and Consultancy job in this field is also a highly lucrative career path.

Job Prospects

Students can work on various job profiles such as -

  • Automotive Sector
  • Industrial products
  • Aircraft Industry
  • Ship yard Industry
  • Robotics Industry
  • Home Appliances Industry
  • Toy Industry
  • Furniture and Jewellery Design
  • Electronics and Electricals
  • Oil and Gas Refinery Plants
  • Hand Tools and Fasteners
  • System Engineer in FMS
  • Machine Tool
  • Consumer Durables
  • Defence
  • PLMS

Stratasys Rapid ProtoType Lab (3D Printer with FDM Technology)

Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing encompasses a wide variety of methods and technologies from plastic extrusion, to polymer jetting, to laser sintering. Some technologies serve specific uses like jewelry design or dental modeling. Others span industries and produce everything from concept models and functional prototypes to manufacturing tools and production parts.

Siemens PLM Lab (NX)

Siemens NX is a flexible and powerful integrated solution that helps in delivering better products faster and more efficiently. NX delivers the next generation of design, simulation, and manufacturing solutions that enable end-user to realize the value of the digital twin. Supporting every aspect of product development and manufacturing.

Parametric Technology Corporation Lab (PTC CREO)

PTC CREO with eight applications for drawing, design, simulation, manufacturing and visualization. CREO comprehensive system for mechanical engineers and designers who create products using the ‘direct modeling’ approach to 3D CAD. CREO Parametric has the core modeling strengths you’d expect from the industry leader, along with breakthrough capabilities in additive manufacturing, model based definition (MBD) and smart connected design. Streamlined workflows and an intuitive user interface complete the picture.

Dassault Systemes CATIA Lab (CATIA)

CATIA provides products for intuitive specification driven modeling for Solid, Hybrid and Sheet Metal Part design, Assembly design and integrated Drafting. It offers highly intuitive tools to easily create, validate and modify any type of surfaces, from freeform surfaces to mechanical shapes. Its Shape Design & Styling solution set delivers innovative and fun-to-use products for the creation, control and modification of Engineered, Freeform, Aesthetical, Aero Surfaces and Mechanical Surfaces.

Autodesk Lab (AutoCAD)

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software application and developed by Autodesk. Autodesk has also developed a few vertical programs Revit Architecture and MEP, AutoCAD Civil, AutoCAD Electrical and AutoCAD Structural Detailer for discipline-specific enhancements.

Festo Lab (FluidSim & CIROS)

FluidSIM has been the world's leading circuit diagram design and simulation program for pneumatics, hydraulics, and now also for electrical engineering. Being able to freely design control systems is motivating, and promotes creativity and focus.

CIROS Experience the quality of our extensive simulation software for mechatronic systems, automation technology and robotics. The library now contains 805 robots by 15 manufacturers.


The EMM lab provides knowledge and importance of various properties of different materials through experimental operations. The materials are also studied under the microscope after going through processes like etching, annealing etc. Muffle furnace is provided to perform heat treatment processes such as annealing, hardening etc. This laboratory is equipped with :

  • Jominy end Quench Apparatus MS model
  • Metallurgical trinocular microscope
  • Carbon Sulphur Apparatus
  • Polishing Apparatus
  • Hardness Tester
  • Metallurgical polishing machine
  • Heat Treatment Furnace
  • Metallurgical Linisher polishing belt


The Internal Combustion (I.C.) Engine lab has working models of different parts of the automobile. For instance, there are models of hydraulic brakes, pneumatic brakes, types of ignition systems, steering system, differential etc. The lab also has a working model of transmission system and 800cc engine which are used for live demonstration. This helps the students to grasp the concept of the working of different parts of an automobile.
This laboratory is equipped with :

  • Four Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig
  • Single Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine Test Rig
  • Single Cylinder Two Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig
  • Four Cylinder Petrol Engine Ignition System Working Model
  • Cut section of differential
  • Steering system assembly
  • Hydraulic and mechanical brake system
  • Two Stroke Petrol Engine (Old/Non-Working)
  • Exhaust Gas Analyser
  • Solextype, S.Utype, Mikuni Type, Scooter carburetor Battery Ignition System
  • Magneto ignition system
  • Mechanical brake system
  • Single plate clutch
  • Multiplate clutch
  • Five types of piston with rings
  • Injectors
  • Maruti 800 Engine
  • TATA 407 Engine
  • Hero Honda Engine


The objective of the Fluid Machinery laboratory is the study of the phenomena and effects of flow of fluids by using experimental measurements. The characteristics of different types of turbines and pumps are studied by the variation of different parameters. This lab is equipped with:

  • Reciprocating pump test Rig
  • Pelton wheel test Rig
  • Centrifugal Blower
  • Francis turbine test Rig
  • Centrifugal Pump test Rig
  • Hydraulic Ram test Rig


This lab is equipped to perform the experiments including the performance and study of basic components used in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. RAC lab is equipped with various refrigeration systems such as Vapor Absorption System, Vapor compression system, Ice plant trainer, Electrolux system to furnish students with latest testing equipments and air conditioning systems.
This lab is equipped with :

  • Ice Tutor Plant
  • Electrolux Refrigeration System
  • Vapour Compression Refrigeration System
  • Split Air Conditioning System

Metrology Lab

Mechanical Measurement includes units of measurement and their standards, measuring instruments and their field of application, and all theoretical and practical aspects relating to measurement. Various metrology instruments used for measurements are included in this lab.This lab is equipped with:

  • Profile Projector
  • Surface Roughness Tester
  • Tool Maker Microscope
  • Stroboscope
  • Thermocouple
  • Vernier Calliper
  • Micrometer Screw Gauge
  • Sine Bar
  • Slip Gauges

Strength of Material/Solid Mechanics Lab

In this lab, the students study about the behavior of materials when they are subject to different kinds of forces and loads. Destructive tests are conducted on materials to measure their strengths such as tensile strength, compressive strength, shear strength, etc. This lab is equipped with apparatus like Universal Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Hardness Tester and other machines.
List of Apparatus available:

  • Universal testing machine
  • Impact tester (Charpy & Izod)
  • Torsion Testing machine
  • Hardness Tester